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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq presents Hazrat Mirza as one of the auliya of Islam
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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq presents Hazrat Mirza as one of the auliya of Islam

In Badr for 22 April 1909 (pages 1 to 4), its editor Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, who was later a leading figure in the Qadiani Jama‘at, published a lengthy letter written by himself, dated 23 March 1909. It is in reply to objections against Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sent in a letter by one Mirza Ameer Baig. We give below some excerpts from the reply by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq:

1. “Mirza sahib was Aal-i Rasul — It is true that he (Hazrat Mirza sahib) is from the aal-i rasul (progeny of the Holy Prophet Muhammad). If this is taken in the physical sense then just as the sayyid people are the progeny of a venerable woman, Fatima, the daughter of the Holy Prophet, similarly a female ancestor of Hazrat Mirza sahib was daughter of a sayyid … However, in the spiritual sense, the aal-i rasul are in fact the auliya of God, the ulama, the servants of the religion of Islam, and the true believers who have appeared in Islam in every age. The most distinguished of these is Hazrat Mirza sahib.” (p. 3, col. 1)

2. “Claim of prophethood — You have stated that Mirza sahib has himself written in one place that he does not claim to be a prophet. What, then, is the dispute about this? This is exactly what you want, that he should not be a prophet. For this, you have found support in his writing.That settles the matter as far as you are concerned. There remains no scope for objection in this regard. You say that he is not a prophet, he also said that he is not a prophet. This settles it. What do you want now? As to our believing him to be a prophet, that is not in the sense which you have in mind. This has been explained again and again. There is no need to write further.” (p. 3, cols 1-2)

3. “Burooz — The meaning in which you have taken the word burooz is not correct. The meaning of burooz is exactly how the former, respected auliya have explained it. Some Sufis have written ‘I became Abraham’, some have written ‘I became Moses’, some have written ‘I became Jesus’. This is the meaning of burooz. It has no meaning other than this. Examples of it are found among the former Sufis. Hazrat Mirza sahib has not said anything new.” (p. 3, col. 3)

4. “Ulama of the Umma — You say that the hadith ‘The ulama of my Umma are like the prophets of the Israelites’ is general, not related exclusively to Hazrat Mirza sahib. We accept this. We do not deny this. In fact, our belief is that Hazrat Mirza sahib is not the only godly person in this Umma to be given the name of a prophet of the past, but that before him there have been such men in this Umma and in future too they will continue to come. This is the great merit found in the religion of Islam.” (p. 4, col. 2)