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"The Ahmadies are at present the most active propagandists of Islam in the world"
(Dr. Murray T. Titus, Indian Islam, 1930, p. 217.)
These are the words with which Dr. Titus, a Christian missionary ends the first paragraph of his article about the Ahmadiyya Movement in his book Indian Islam. In the following pages I want to explain who the Ahmadies are and in what way our Muslim friends, only under a misunderstanding, are trying to undermine and destroy the great work on which actually depends the success and triumph of Islam. When Islam is, as at present, involved in a severe struggle and is faced with the gravest situation in its history, it is the first and foremost duty of every son of Islam to come to its help in whatever way he can. It is a sin even to keep oneself aloof at such a moment.

With a little thought it would become clear that on the preaching of Islam (Isha’at Islam), depends all the success of Islam. In this way we can turn the Western foes of Islam, who have been trying their utmost to destroy the Muslims for so many centuries, into the faithful servants of Islam. The place that gives rise to poisonous thoughts against Islam can also be made to produce an elixir for this poison.

By isha’at Islam we can turn the minority of Muslims in India into a majority.*
*Publisher's Note: This was written before the partition of India. The Muslims of India did not generally pay heed to the call of the Ahmadiyya Movement in time, otherwise the history of this subcontinent would have been quite different.

By isha’at Islam we can create that power and passion of faith among Muslims which would help them to live as a strong community in spite of their being in a minority in any part of the world.

By isha’at Islam we can teach them to lead a simple and straightforward life and thus break all their un-Islamic habits and customs which have brought them to such a condition of disgrace.

By isha’at Islam we can bring about a unity among Muslims which will make them a strong and triumphant nation in the world in spite of their being weak in financial resources.

What does isha’at Islam mean in reality? It is presenting the true picture of Islam to the world. On the one hand it will attract the hearts of the other people towards Islam and on the other create a zeal for action among Muslims which is lacking in them today. This will lead them to the paths of progress and prosperity, the paths which have been unfortunately lost by them today. The power of captivating the hearts exists in the Qur’an itself; it exists in the pure and perfect precept of the Prophet Muhammad. The only shortcoming is that the true picture of Islam is hidden behind a veil. The opponents have a wrong picture of Islam before them on account of which they are despising it and trying to destroy it from the face of the earth. Muslims themselves are oblivious of the real beauty of Islam, Islam which had profoundly affected the lives of the Muslims of earlier centuries and had given them an invincible strength to uphold the cause of the truth. Isha’at Islam means the unveiling of the beauty of Islam once again; it means opening up of new vistas for the progress of Muslims. If in this country there are eighty million Muslims it is only due to isha’at Islam. The source by which we became eighty millions can raise us to the number of two hundred millions as well.

God has given a promise to us that:

"He it is Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religions" (The Quran, 9:33).
This is not a mere promise. In Arabia God manifested the fulfilment of this promise during the life of the Holy Prophet, i.e. within a short span of twenty years. Afterwards on whatever soil Islam set its foot it received its due share from the people of that country, as for instance from the fireworshippers of Iran, from Christians of Egypt and Syria, from Hindus and Buddhists of India, from the pagans and idolaters of Java and Sumatra, from the followers of Confucius in China and from the nations of Central Asia. If we can just show the example of the courage and valour of our ancestors we shall see with our own eyes the fulfilment of this Divine promise. One fact, however, is obvious that the principles of Islam are even now gaining ground throughout the world. People get disheartened by the dominance of materialism and irreligion in the world. But they forget that any lasting civilization has never been based or will never be based on the forces of materialism and irreligion. Its permanent foundation can only be laid on spiritual and moral values. If the human civilization has to exist then religion, which is the foundation-head of all spiritual life and moral values, will also exist in its complete and perfect form, the other name of which is Islam.

The only object of the Ahmadiyya Movement is to create such conditions under which Islam could flourish. I end this brief introduction with the prayer:

"O Allah help him who helps the religion of Muhammad and make us from among them, O Allah forsake him who forsakes the religion of Muhammad and do not make us from among them."

I hope that from the heart of every lover of Islam will rise amen at this prayer! I call my Muslim friends to help the religion of Muhammad and expect that my call will not be a call in the wilderness.

Muhammad Ali,
Ahmadiyya Buildings,
31st March 1931.


 A Brief Sketch of the Ahmadiyya Movement