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Hazrat Maulana Nur-ud-Din

Hazrat Maulana Nur-ud-Din, when he was Head of the Ahmadiyya Movement, declared to the Ahmadiyya community his following views about the Lahore Ahmadiyya founding pioneers:

“[Maulvi Muhammad Ali] is a friend of mine and my arm, at whose sincerity I am amazed and I envy it also.” (1909)

“Maulvi [Muhammad Ali] sahib has pleased me very much, I am so happy. (1914)

“Maulvi sahib, you are very dear to me. (1914)

“The people of Lahore are sincere. They love Hazrat [Mirza Ghulam Ahmad] sahib. … the works which they have performed, you should also try to do the same.” (1912)

“Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din does not work out of hypocrisy. He works only for Allah. This is my belief about him. Of course, he can make mistakes. I am happy with his works. There is blessing in them. Those who spread mistrust about him are the hypocrites. … He is engaged in a good work. None of you can compete with him. … Can any of you do the work which Kamal-ud-Din is doing?” (1913)

For details, see the book The True Succession (p. 50, 54, 55, 92, 94–95).