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True Conception of
the Ahmadiyya Movement

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

The author writes: “Because of its distinctive features from other Islamic groups in certain respects, the Ahmadiyya group may be called a sect or school of thought in Islam, but it is in fact a great movement within the fold of Islam, the main object of which is to awaken Muslims and consolidate their efforts for the spread of Islam.”

He discusses these distinctive features of the interpretation of Islamic teachings put forward by the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, and how they equip this Movement for the propagation of Islam in modern times. The booklet also contains three appendices answering various common allegations made against Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.






Ahmadiyyat is not a separate religion 1  
It is not even a sect in the general sense of the term 4  
Attitude towards jurisprudential problems 5  
A Movement for Islam 6  
Death of Jesus Christ 7  
Significance of the Claims 8  
Visions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad come true 10  
Ahmadiyyat is the only interpretation of these visions 13  
Ahmadiyyat is a true interpretation of Islam 14  
Distinguishing Features of the Ahmadiyya Movement 18  
The second distinction: Islam is not spread by sword 21  
Ahmadiyyat and the killing of apostates 23  
Ahmadiyyat and Jihad 24  
The third distinction: The Quran must be given precedence over everything else 26  
Glory of the Quran manifested 30  
The fourth distinction: Islam is an intellectual and scientific religion 31  
New light about interpreting the Quran 34  
The fifth distinction: Revival of Islamic Brotherhood 35  
The sixth distinction: The door of ijtihad is open 37  
The seventh distinction: Unity among Muslims 39  
The eighth distinction: The significance of paradise and hell properly explained 41  
The ninth distinction: Theory of abrogation rejected 43  
The tenth distinction: Faith in the dominance of Islam 44  


Appendix 1:
Was the doctrine of Jihad abrogated by the Founder?

Appendix 2:
Did the Founder make slanderous attack on Jesus and his mother?
Appendix 3:
The use of strong language against the ulama