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English translations of books by Hazrat Mirza

An Account of Exoneration

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Kitab al-Bariyya

An Account of Exoneration

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

We present below an English translation of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s Urdu book Kitab al-Bariyya, consisting of about 70% of the original work. The English translation of the other 30%, which is a complete and self-contained section of the book, has already been published under the title A Brief Sketch of My Life in 1996, and is also available for reading online.

Heading/sub-heading: Page: Download:
Publisher’s Preface v, vi Pages v-vi

1. An Essential Notification
1 Pages 1-15
2. Introduction 16 Pages 16-29
Plans against Jesus and their failure 17
Spiritual ascension of Jesus 19
How God saved the Holy Prophet from his enemies 22
The case against me 24
The acts of God in my assistance 27
Muhammad Husain’s father 30 Pages 30-45
Lekhram’s murder 33
Those prophecies not apparently fulfilled 37
Prophecy of descent of Elijah 38
Revelations about case 40
Similarity with Jesus 41
The false case 43
Opposition to the truth 44
Ways of guidance 46 Pages 46-56
Belief in Divinity of Jesus fails all three tests 47
Teachings have precedence over prophecies 48
Test of reason 49
Test of heavenly support 49
Four religious views refute Trinity 51
Divine signs received by Hazrat Mirza 52
Taking of oaths according to the Christians 53
Further prophecies fulfilled 55
3. Refutation of Christian doctrines 57 Pages 57-63
Finding God 59
Only means of deliverance from sin 60
Doctrine that Jesus bore curse of sinners 61
Light from above dispels darkness of sin 62
Imperfect nature of Gospel teaching 64 Pages 64-83
Defects of the Christian teaching about God 65
Christian error in concept of paradise 68
Concept of justice and mercy of God 70
Objections against Christian fundamentals 72
How to obtain purification from sins 76
New teaching given by Quran about Unity of God 81
Imperfections of the teachings of the Torah 82
Gospel writers’ unfitness 84 Pages 84-101
Civil and penal laws 85
Mis-statements in the Gospels 87
Living signs in support of Islam 90
Is Elohim plural? 92
Inferior sacrificed for superior, and not vice versa 94
Self-sacrifice 96
My revelations 99
Jesus not proved to be God by his revelations 103 Pages 102-110
Jesus was not God 106
Why this case was brought 107
Other signs in support 108
4. Repentance of the venerable man of
the newspaper Chaudhveen Sadi
111 Pages 111-120
5. A most important petition for the
attention of the government
121 Pages 121-137
Abuses of Christians 124
Abuses of Hindus and Aryas 128
About myself 130
6. The Legal Proceedings 138 Pages 138-153
Statement of Abdul Hameed, at Amritsar 138
Statement of Dr. Martyn Clarke, at Amritsar 140
Order of District Magistrate, Amritsar 141
Summons to the defendant by Gurdaspur court 143
Statement of Dr. Clarke to Gurdaspur court 144
Supplementary statement of Dr. Clarke, 12th August 1897 154 Pages 154-162
Supplementary statement of Dr. Clarke, 13th August 1897 162
Statement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 162
Statement of Abdul Hameed 163 Pages 163-179
Supplementary statement of Abdul Hameed 165
Supplementary statement of Abdul Hameed 166
Statement of Abdur Rahim, 10th August 1897 173
Supplementary statement of Abdur Rahim, 13th August 1897 174
Statement of Prem Das, 10th August 1897 175
Statement of Prem Das, 13th August 1897 177
Statement of Maulvi Nur-ud-Din 177
Statement of Shaikh Rahmatullah 180 Pages 180-201
Statement of Maulvi Muhammad Husain 182
Statement of Prabh Dyal 184
Statement of Abdul Hameed, 20th August 185
Statement of Dr. Martyn Clarke, 20th August 193
Statement of Mr. Lemarchand, District Superintendent Police 194
Statement of Waris Din 195
Statement of Yusuf Khan 197
Statement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani 198
Copy of letter from Rev. H. G. Grey, Amritsar 200
Copy of statement of Nur-ud-Din Christian 200
Statement of Nur-ud-Din the Christian 201

7. The Judgment
202 Pages 202-214

8. Conclusion
215 Pages 215-218

9. Appendix
219 Pages 219-224