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Land for Central London Mosque given free by British Government
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Land for Central London Mosque in Regents Park, given free by British government for Muslim loyalty to British empire

The allegation is widely propagated by anti-Ahmadiyya organisations and writers that the British government “sponsored” the Ahmadiyya Movement and its Founder, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. But this lobby raises no objection when the general body of Muslims and their religious organizations are openly funded by the same British government.

A prime example is that the land for the Central London Mosque in Regents Park, London, England, was given free to Muslims of the U.K. by the British government in 1940 in recognition of the support of Muslims all round the world for Britain in the Second World War.

You can read this at the Website of the Central London Mosque by going to the following link:

and selecting the tab called About Us and from the drop-down menu selecting History. This runs a slide presentation.

We have also preserved the history page from the previous website of the Central London Mosque ( and you can read it here on our website.

The first paragraph from the history of the Mosque given on that states as follows:

“The Islamic Cultural Centre which includes the London Central Mosque has been established since 1944. It was officially opened by His Majesty King George VI in November 1944. The 2.3 acres of site adjacent to Hanover Gate in Regent’s Park, was presented as an unconditional gift from the British Government to the UK Muslim Community in Britain to enable the latter, to build a mosque and an Islamic Cultural Centre, to conduct the affairs pertaining to their faith. A Mosque Committee comprising various prominent Muslim diplomats and Muslim residents in the United Kingdom gratefully accepted the gift which was intended mainly as a tribute to the thousands of Indian Muslim soldiers who had died defending the then British Empire, which at the time, had more Muslim inhabitants than Christians.” (Underlining is ours).

On the same webpage, it is later stated in a chronology :

“24 Oct. 1940: The Churchill War Cabinet authorised the allocation of a sum of up to 100,000 for the acquisition of a site for a mosque in London.”

Report from The Times of London

Below we display two news items about this event from The Times newspaper of London, dated 14th November 1940, page 5.

The Times, 14th November 1940, p. 5

The Times, 14th November 1940, p. 5

It is quite astounding that, despite themselves receiving this material support from the British government for the main mosque in Britain, which was given in recognition of Muslim soldiers fighting in defence of the British empire and was gratefully accepted, yet the Muslim religious leaders in England continue to repeat their false allegations that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was acting as a tool and instrument on behalf of the British government of his time!