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3. Wahy Nubuwwat versus Wahy Wilayat – 1
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3. Wahy Nubuwwat versus Wahy Wilayat – 1

  • Wahy Nubuwwat is revelation exclusive to prophets. A man cannot be a prophet unless he receives wahy nubuwwat.

  • Wahy Nubuwwat is closed after Holy Prophet Muhammad: not even one word of it can come. So no rasul (messenger) or nabi (prophet) can come after him. (Refs)

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    Slide References
    Extracts from statements of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

    RK = Ruhani Khaza’in, the 23 volume collection of books of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
    MI = Majuma Ishtiharat, collection of published announcements of Hazrat Mirza.
    Rabwah editions.

    1. “According to the explanation of the Holy Quran, rasul is he who receives the commands and tenets of the religion through Gabriel. But a seal has been put upon wahy nubuwwat since thirteen hundred years ago. Will this seal then break?”
    Izala Auham, 1891, p. 534; RK 3: 387. [TOP]

    2. “After the Khatam an-nabiyyin, the Holy Quran does not allow the coming of any rasul, whether he is a new one or a former one, because a rasul receives knowledge of religion through the agency of Gabriel, and the coming of Gabriel as bringing wahy risalat has been closed. It is self-contradictory that a messenger (rasul) come into the world, but not be accompanied by wahy risalat.”
    Izala Auham, 1891, p. 761; RK 3: 511. [TOP]

    3. “It is obvious that if it is supposed that the angel Gabriel can now descend with even one sentence of wahy nubuwwat and remain silent thereafter, this would still contradict the finality of prophethood, for when the seal of finality is breached and wahy risalat again starts to descend, it matters not whether the amount is little or much. Every wise person can understand that if God is true to His promise, and the promise given in the Khatam an-nabiyyin verse, which has been explicitly mentioned in the Hadith, that now, after the death of the Prophet of God, peace and the blessings of God be upon him, Gabriel has been forbidden forever from bringing wahy nubuwwat — if all these things are true and correct, then no person at all can come as a messenger (rasul) after our Prophet, peace be upon him.”
    Izala Auham, 1891, p. 577; RK 3: 411-412. [TOP]

    4. “If we allow the appearance of a prophet after our Holy Prophet, we would have to allow the opening of the door of wahy nubuwwat after its closure. And this is wrong, as is not hidden from the Muslims. How can a prophet come after our Holy Prophet, when revelation has been cut off after his death, and God has ended the prophets with him?”
    Hamamat al-Bushra, 1894, p. 20; RK 7: 200. [TOP]