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19. ‘Correction of an Error’ leaflet
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19. ‘Correction of an Error’ leaflet

  • In November 1901, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad published a short leaflet entitled Ayk Ghalati Ka Izala.
  • It was written because an Ahmadi, when faced with the objection that your leader claims to be a prophet, replied: Even the word ‘prophet’ does not occur in his writings.
  • Hazrat Mirza writes in the very first line of this leaflet:

“Some people in our Movement who are not well-acquainted with my claim and the arguments relating to it — not having had the occasion to study my books carefully, nor having stayed in my company for a sufficient length of time to complete their knowledge — in some instances in response to an objection of the opponents give a reply which is entirely against facts.”
  • He says that if that Ahmadi had read his previous writings carefully or learnt by staying with him in previous years, he would have been well-acquainted with his claims. So Hazrat Mirza is reaffirming his previous statements about his claims as being right and correct.

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